Indigo Diversity were commissioned by the Yorkshire & Humber Diversity Steering Group to undertake an impact evaluation of the regional Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow and the Investing in Diversity(Leeds)programmes. The central aims of the programmes are to identify potential black and minority ethnic senior leaders and increase the number in leadership positions. The evaluation was carried out between January-February 2012.

The Regional Diversity Steering Group was formed in 2008 with the support of Mark Pattison, National College Succession Planning Consultant to tackle the issue of under-representation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) leaders in schools in relation to succession planning in the Yorkshire & Humber area.

In 2008 several Local Authorities (LAs) in the Yorkshire and Humber region were separately grappling with issues of succession planning and in particular the diversity of leaders in the school workforce. LA data showed the significant extent to which BME leaders were under-represented and it was therefore recognised that an organised and co-ordinated approach was required. Collaboration at regional level enabled the expertise of the few working in separate LAs to be pooled in order to challenge the current position, to bring it into the mainstream, to prioritise the issues and to enhance support networks.

The executive summary can be downloaded from our Resources page.

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