Indigo Diversity has just completed an evaluation of the regional Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow (DLFT) and Investing in Leeds Programmes for the Yorkshire and Humber Diversity Steering Group. The evaluation was carried out between January-February 2012. The report includes findings from an online survey, focus groups and interviews from past participants and some of their headteachers.


In total 65 participants were contacted during the course of the research from Leeds ‘Investing in Diversity’ programmes 2009 and 2010 and from the regional Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow programmes for 2010 and 2011. The regional initiative has successfully identified the talent pool and the past participants have moved onto leadership roles in schools. 89 BME aspiring leaders have been through the programme across 7 local authorities over the last three years. 45% of participants changed roles or positions after completing the programme and 70% of participants applied for 1-6+ positions post programme.


A small step in the right direction, success needs to sustained and developed so that BME teachers and leaders continue to be supported and developed so that they can leave a lasting legacy. Schools in the Yorkshire & Humber region have a talent pool of 1505 BME teachers and 88 BME deputy and assistants to tap in to diversify their workforce; and that’s just teachers, there is also a very good supply amongst support staff. This is another story of untapped talent.


Shift will happen when school leaders everywhere take responsibility for a vision that includes a diverse workforce and strategies that will help to bring about that much needed change. A diverse workforce will benefit the children and young people, their families and make the most of the available talent in the system. Diversity is a strategic lever that will help to bring about innovation, growth and success.  We need to step up to the challenge and take leadership to a new level, where we put our difference to work.  Putting our differences to work means creating an environment where people, who are naturally unique and different – diverse by nature and experience – can work more effectively in ways that will drive new levels of creativity.


An executive summary will be published shortly. For a copy of the full report please contact us.