Proposition for: The Diverse Educators Network


National research tells us that teachers from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds lack confidence and self-esteem in applying for promotion. They often feel isolated and need support as motivation can be sapped when they face challenging issues at work related to harassment and discrimination but also when they are establishing themselves as senior leaders.

This compounds the problem that school leadership remains under represented.  Only 1% of headteachers in Yorkshire & Humber are from black and minority backgrounds, nationally the figure is less than 3%. This figure has remained stubbornly static over the last ten years.

The Diverse Educators Network (DEN) is working on:

Building a membership organisation to help teachers principally from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, which is also open to others irrespective of their race, colour or nationality who share our mission and vision.


The Diverse Educators Network will help you to:

  1. Value your identity, improve your confidence and self esteem
  2. Share experiences to improve outcomes for you as an educator and the life chances of children and young people
  3. Recognise your self potential and the contributions you can make
  4. Access opportunities, resources, expert knowledge and experience
  5. Get 24/7 support, advise and guidance
  6. Re-discover the joys of being a teacher


Question: How would you feel if the Diverse Educators Network was not launched?


1. Very disappointed

2. Somewhat disappointed
3. Not disappointed

4. I have no use for this

If your answer is 2 or 3, we would appreciate your feedback as to what is missing in our proposition that will make your score to ‘very disappointed’.

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