This is our first series of interviews with diverse leaders in schools who have completed the Yorkshire & Humber Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow Programme. In this interview, Safina Hussain who is an assistant headteacher in Batley West Yorkshire talks about the impact of the programme on her.

Safina was an Assistant Headteacher when she started the programme. She said that ‘the course benefitted me greatly especially in terms of my belief. I developed the confidence to believe that I can manage and a lead school and become a headteacher one day. That’s been the biggest impact the course has had on me personally.’

‘I can now say that I’m an outstanding leader.’ Safina Hussain, February 2012

Ayub Bismillah, her headteacher said:

The Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow course was instrumental in helping Safina to develop a positive and confident attitude towards developing key leadership skills and contributed to her own professional development. The training enabled her to carry out her role in school more effectively. She has since progressed on to and successfully completed her NPQH training.

Watch the video to find out how the programme made a difference to her.