This is our first series of interviews with diverse leaders in schools who have completed the Yorkshire & Humber Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow Programme.

In this interview, Patsy Claxton talks about her experience of participating in Investing in Diversity in Leeds. After the programme Patsy was successful in securing a promoted post, as an acting Deputy headteacher, a year later she got a headship in the school she went to as a child.

She said ‘The thing that got me there in the first place was the leaflet that said ‘come meet other BME teachers’. I didn’t even know that they existed apart from those in our school, there are loads in Leeds and it was great to meet them and I kept in contact with them. I think it’s really important the programme continues because there are lots of younger BME teachers coming through and really do need to have the experience that I had. One of the things I had that some people didn’t get was the support and mentoring during the course. Three years later I still see my mentor and have the support.’

Watch her video and find out about her experience.