This is our first series of interviews with diverse leaders in schools who have completed the Yorkshire & Humber Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow Programme.

In this interview, Dr Andy Williams, Mohammed Lone’s (DLFT participant) Executive Headteacher tells us how the programme has made a difference to the school and what the school has done to provide opportunities for continued professional development.

He says ‘We’ve had a number of colleagues involved with the Diverse Leaders for tomorrow programme. Its been a fantastic programme for them, as I think that like a lot of those middle leadership moving into senior leadership courses, it gives people a chance to network, an opportunity to discuss with like minded professionals leadership issues …”

There have been benefits for the school too. He says ‘They’ve come back from their training enthused about schools and leadership, full of ideas and creative energy. If we can capture that, by ensuring there are some opportunities or positions within the school or projects for them to work on which gives them a chance to explore that creativity and potential, to see how things should be implemented and developed on a whole school basis, that can not only be good for the school but also for the individual concerned. And as a result of the projects they have been involved in, things have moved forward in the school much more quickly than it would of have done with the standard size senior leadership team’.

Watch the video below.